12 Illustrative Portraits of Political Geography in Europe

The human figure depiction of the maps of European countries started in 1869 with an aim of creating such a vital study of geography that provoke laughter and not boring for young people. It was made into an atlas by the company Hodder and Stoughton, London published with the title “Geographical Fun: Being Humorous Outlines of Various Countries.

The author of the map, William Harvey, introduces these 12 maps under the pseudonym “Aleph“. The portrait illustration that was produced came with a short poem of four verses about each country, which were: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Prussia, Germany, Holland and Belgium, Denmark and Russia. The idea behind the maps was taken from sketches drawn by Lillian Lancaster, a 15-year old girl born in 1852 in London and who was trying to amuse her sick brother confined to bed.

5 Best Android Phone of 2011

In the globalization of world Google has a major or we can say most dominant role. Google has replaced everything from the term “searching” to reCAPTCHA. Seriously, how many of us  depend on books or consult a professional to get some information about any thing? Google has almost conquered everything on web and  has  not stepped aside when talking about  mobile phones. In fact, the Android operating system by Google has given a tough competition to iOS. While iOS runs only on iPhone the Android is available on a variety of handsets designed to meet personal preferences of each individual whether in terms of budget, luxury or sophistication.  So, here in this article we will introduce you with some of the best Android phones made up to-date.

40 amazing Fresh iPhone Wallpaper Collections

This is a collections of 40 amazing iphone wallpapers designed by finest and creative artist around the world. Now day’s iphone users are increasing and they expecting some creative and amazing wallpapers for making the display bright to inspire others. So here we listed here most impressive, beautiful, and outstanding wallpapers collections. These wallpapers are 320×480 pixels in resolution usable on the iPod as well. In this post we cover nature, retro and vintage, illustrations, abstract, and space wallpaper designs.

1. Spontaneous Combustion iphone wallpaper

2. Flying Kiss iphone wallpaper

20 Stunning Mobile(iphone) Website Designs

Mobile Website Designs is getting more popular, especially the iPhone design. Now a day’s Most of mobile devices are capable of accessing the internet at high speeds. Now every popular website or web applications offer a mobile version. Designing sites for mobile isn’t just about different screen sizes – or viewports, it’s true Creativity. So today, I have a showcase 20 Stunning Mobile (iphone) Website Designs for you inspiration. I hope this list will help you to design a mobile site for yourself or Client.

1. Mobile Sure

25 Best Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

I think that designing a single page website is great challenge to show your creativity. Single Page Design frees the designer to create something more unique then a multi page website. These websites are best way to offer your visitors all the quick possible by compiling all the content you want in a single web page. So your Visitors are getting what they need and them saving more times. Today’s post you will find a Creative, Beautiful and Most Inspiring single page website designs which is following the Current Trend in single page design. We hope you all will enjoy this collection.

30+ Business Cards Inspiration

We want to get you inspire by every major category in design. Because we know that every field has different requirements in order to give you fresh idea on business cards. Today i have compiled a list of 30+ Business cards design inspiration.
1-Marian Bantjes Obsessive Behavior